Baked stuffed chicken

Baked stuffed chicken

Baked chicken recipe, an ideal stuffed chicken for a festive meal, apple, walnuts, bacon, mushrooms, dates… Step by step elaboration of the stuffing, how to tie the chicken, how to bake it, and time needed to get a slice of juicy and well-done meat.

Baked chicken is one of the dishes consumed all year round, but it is also an excellent choice to make a healthy, economical and exquisite roast for a festive meal. Chicken is a bird with a place at the Christmas table, just like a capon, turkey, poultry… it is also ideal when there are not many guests.

The recipe we propose this time is a stuffed chicken, it is easy to make, and the result is excellent. The stuffing is mushrooms, bacon, apple, dates, walnuts, and some spices and aromatic herbs. As always, the cooking time is extended when making a roast bird, but the preparation does not require any effort, and the meat is juicy and tender. Here is a step-by-step explanation of this baked stuffed chicken recipe.

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