Bonbon Cake (Recipe + Step by Step)

Bonbon Cake (Recipe + Step by Step)

The bonbon cake also known as love cake, is the cake of the moment, the demand has increased immensely.

The cake is different and very beautiful, it consists of a chocolate layer that contains the cake inside, like a bonbon with filling.

In making the bonbon cake you can use the type of chocolate you like best and even mix to form a pattern, inside you can use the dough and fillings you like best.
Bonbon cake recipe



4 eggs
120g of sifted wheat flour
120g of sugar

Preparation mode:

Beat the eggs with the sugar until you get a creamy mixture.
Add the sifted flour, wrap with remaining ingredients without beating the dough.
Bake in a greased and floured pan at 150 ° C for about 30 minutes.



400 ml condensed milk
150 ml of milk
150 g of powdered milk
1 tablespoon cornstarch
1 tablespoon butter

Preparation mode:

Beat the condensed milk, milk and powdered milk in a blender and add the flour spoon.
After shaking, place in a pan and bring to the stove over low heat and add the butter.
Stir for 15 minutes without stopping.

The filling can be the one you like the most, fruit is always a good option.
How to Assemble the Bonbon Cake Step by Step

To make the cone you can use milk chocolate, white or semi-dark chocolate, to make the job easier mix 50% fractionated chocolate with 50% real chocolate, the flavor changes completely and it does not melt so easily.

Start by making the cone, melt the chocolate and with your own shape start lining the walls, take it to the refrigerator, you can put two layers depending on the thickness you want. The form must be sanitized, the cone is ready when it becomes opaque.

Line the walls with a very generous layer of cream, then add the cake, another layer of cream and filling, plus a layer of cake. You can finish with the cake layer or cover with chocolate.

Refrigerate, remove from the pan carefully so as not to break.

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