Chocolate Turtle Cake

This stunning cake is the most amazing chocolate caramel turtle cake…a chocolate lovers’ delight !!


#For the Cake:

– Marías® cookies: 1 roll (You can also use similar cookies)

– Melted butter: 6 tablespoons

– Sugar: 2 tablespoons

– Cinnamon powder: 1 tablespoon

#For the Filling:

– Caramel syrup: 1 cup

– Semi-bitter chocolate: 100 grams

– Cream cheese: 3 packages (190 grams)

– Eggs: 2

– Vanilla extract: 1 teaspoon

– Nuts: 1 cup (chopped)

– Sugar: 1/2 cup

* Servings: 8 people


STEP 1 :

Start your oven to preheat to 180º C, then line a cake tin with waxed paper.

STEP 2 :

After that, go ahead and grind the Marías® cookies until they are powdered. Immediately mix them with the butter, sugar, and cinnamon until they form a sandblast. Once a sandblast is formed, you need to put them at the bottom of the mold flattening them to form the base of the cake.

STEP 3 :

Alright, bake for 10 minutes; put apart.

STEP 4 :

Make sure the caramel is poured on the base of the cake and the nuts are put on top at this stage.

STEP 5 :

In a water bath, melt the chocolate. Next, blend together the cream cheese, the egg, the vanilla extract, and the sugar.

STEP 6 :

You’ll want to add the melted chocolate and pour over the caramel. And please bake for 40 minutes.

STEP 7 :

It’s important to remember that you can always decorate with more caramel and melted chocolate, it depends on you.

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