3 lbs large shrimp, peeled, deveined

3 lbs chicken breast, chopped 2? chunks

3 lbs smoked sausage

1 pack of smoked turkey, wings, or legs

1 pack dried shrimp

2 bunch green onions, chopped

2 bunch parsley, washed, chopped stems removed

1 white onion, chopped

1 bell pepper, chopped

1 head of garlic, chopped

1 head of celery, chopped

2-49 oz. cans of chicken broth

2-49 oz. cans of water

2 tbsp. creole seasoning

2 tbsp. garlic powder

2 tbsp. onion powder

1/2 tbsp. crushed red pepper

1 tbsp. black pepper

2 c. roux (recipe below)

Hot sauce

pot of hot rice

For the Roux:

3 c. cooking oil, canola or vegetable

3 1/2 c. flour

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Chicken Bacon Ranch Casserole