Mushroom Gravy Meatloaf

Mushroom Gravy Meatloaf

It’s all gravy. Didn’t someone say that once, and isn’t it true? Great gravies and sauces always seem to transform any dish and take it to a place that leaves you secretly wanting to lick your fingers because it’s just that good! Some people might think cooking gravy is a challenge, but not when you’re making our mushroom gravy meatloaf. The best thing about meals like this is that they always taste even better the next day. We believe that the right meatloaf is a beautiful thing because it’s just so filling and delicious and if you’re lucky…you just might get a yummy sandwich out of it the next day. It’s like the gift that keeps on giving!

If you enjoy cooking regularly, the seasonings for this bad boy are most likely already in your pantry. If not, they are easy to find at your local grocery store. Can we talk about a can of mushroom soup for a sec? Wouldn’t you agree that there is something magical about recipes that use it? All of that flavor captured in one can and in this dish, it is a huge reason why it tastes so darn good – plus it adds creaminess and prevents your meatloaf from drying out! The combination of hearty ground beef with worcestershire sauce enhances the flavor of the meat along with fresh, chopped mushrooms, onion and parmesan cheese. Yum.

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