Nacho Egg Rolls

Nacho Egg Rolls

Loaded Nacho Egg Rolls with Queso Dip are the fried version of your favorite loaded up snack! All the beef and vegetables you love on your nachos are rolled up and fried, then dipped into a creamy queso dip. If this doesn’t scream game time snacking WIN for you, I don’t know what else could!

Whether it’s loaded up with tons of beef and veggies, or it’s a simple thrown-together version with only the basics because it’s 1am and all I have in the house, I am sincerely and profoundly in love.

Carbs. Cheese. Meat. Salsa. Hot sauce. Veggies. So much goodness on a plate, and you don’t really have to work that hard to make it all pretty.

So why not roll it all up inside a roll and fry it to shake things up?

That’s right people, I’m back on the egg roll train, and let me tell you… it’s soooooooo gooooooooooood.

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