If you’ve never had one of these before, you’re in for a pleasant surprise. You will love the texture and flavor of this sweet and chewy traditional cookie. Orange slice candy has been around for a long time, but as candy evolves, we sometimes forget about the classics. This beloved candy makes a fun appearance in this delightfully flavorful cookie. Hey, try something new, or revisit an old favorite. Either way, this cookie deserves to be taken for a spin.

You will start this recipe by preheating your oven and lightly greasing a baking sheet. You will cream together your sugars and butter and then add your dry ingredients. After that, you will fold in your coconut flakes, oats and orange slice bits. You will bake these for about 10 minutes and cool before enjoying. You are going to love the zesty, sweet flavor and chewy texture of these little gems. For the skeptic who may be thinking orange slice cookies are for grandmas, we can assure you that this ain’t your grandma’s cookie. No really, it’s Linda’s. Aunt Linda’s Orange Slice Cookies.

So, I was at our little bitty, local IGA yesterday—love this store–and ran across the old fashioned candies I remember from childhood. Frankly, I never liked the taste but I LOVE the smell so I bought some. They smell like Christmas to me.
As I was talking to the checker, she told me this recipe. I’ve yet to try it, but it’s simple and yummy looking and adds a festive attitude to the plain old forerunner to gummy bears. Let me know if you try it.*

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