This traditional pecan pie recipe is a family favorite and is especially appropriate for Thanksgiving. It’s simple to make and comes out perfectly every time!

This pecan pie filling comes straight from my friend; maria’s grandmother. I made a few little adjustments to her recipe, including the addition of a little brown sugar and vanilla extract, but the overall result was almost identical to hers. Additionally, this pie is quick and easy to put together, and the filling bakes up nicely!

In addition, since this pie will need to cool before serving, you may prepare it ahead of time, or even the day before, to free up valuable oven space for the holiday festivities. As a bonus, if you like chocolate in your pecan pie, you can even include some chocolate chips into the filling itself!

Eggs, light corn syrup, brown sugar, granulated sugar, melted butter, vanilla extract, and chopped nuts are all used in the filling, which is a basic combination of ingredients. Josh’s grandmother’s original recipe called for just granulated sugar, but I thought the addition of brown sugar to this pie was a wonderful touch. The pie filling also has some vanilla essence in it, which I included since I like the taste it gives to the pie.

When it comes to nuts, you have two options: cut them or use pecan halves. However, if you like the appearance of pecan halves instead of chopped nuts, that is OK.

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