If you like lemon desserts – then you need to try Starbucks Lemon Love! It’s buttery, moist, bursting with lemon flavor, and it’s topped with a sweet lemon glaze!
Lemon loaf tops the list of favorite lemon desserts, along with lemon pound cake and lemon-and-blueberry cake.
Starbucks Vamos LemonadeHave you ever tried a Starbucks lemon loaf? As much as I love homemade desserts, I can’t refuse a slice of lemon cake. It’s very tender and full of lemon flavor in every bite.
When I was a student, I would go to Starbucks on a Sunday to do my homework. And without a doubt – I’d always order a slice of lemon loaf. It has the perfect balance of delicious butter without being greasy, and the lemon flavor packs a punch without being sour at all.
So I wanted to find the perfect Starbucks recipe for a fake lemon loaf so I could make a delicious home-made lemon loaf and eat 3 slices without the embarrassment of ordering all 3 of my barista’s.

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