Texas Chili Mac, Supper time!!

Texas Chili Mac, Supper time!!

Happy New Year to you! Around this time, five years ago, I hit publish on the first few blog posts here on Dash of Jazz. I’ve learned a lot since then and have thoroughly enjoyed connecting with each of you over a variety of topics but mostly food. So let’s ease into 2020 with something delicious, easy, and unbelievably cozy: chili mac. This 30-minute meal is quick, easy comfort food made in one pot with Texas-shaped pasta and hidden vegetables. And you just can’t beat that, can you? Since many of us are restarting routines this week with work, school, family, etc., I want to put this easy dinner recipe on your radar. This one-pot chili mac will please everyone, even your pickiest of eaters. If you have thirty minutes to spare in the evening, you can have this easy one-pot chili mac on the table for a weeknight dinner.

Are you trying to eat more vegetables in the new year? I’ve found that an easy way to do that is to incorporate them into foods you already eat. I am forever trying to squeeze as many veggies as possible into any and every kind of pasta sauce I make. And this one-pot chili mac gets the same treatment. Garlic, onion, and bell pepper are the aromatic base of the chili and to get some veggie goodness in there, I add roughly chopped matchstick carrots and mushrooms. Matchstick carrots are a great shortcut to make quick work of cutting up carrots. To make things even quicker, you can buy pre-chopped onions, bell peppers, mushrooms, and diced garlic from the grocery store. That will easily cut your prep time in half…not that this chili mac takes long to make anyway. While some chili mac recipes break the cardinal rule of chili, which is “No beans!” you won’t find any beans at all in my Texas one-pot chili mac.

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