Texas Roadhouse Steak Seasoning Recipe

Texas Roadhouse Steak Seasoning Recipe1 Copie

We’ve been to Texas Roadhouse many times for a great steak dinner. I’m so happy to have the recipe for their rub. Since I already had shrimp planned for tonight, I had the idea of sprinkling this rub over some halved baby new potatoes and roasting them in the oven.

I sprinkled them with olive oil and then tossed them together along with the rub. They turned out wonderful! Can’t wait to use this rub on some grilled meats. Nancy : )

– Like Lucy, I used some of this to season some skirt steak for carne asada, which was really tasty. Next time, I’d like to use this on a nice thick sirloin steak, or maybe some grilled chicken.

I’m thinking this would even be good for seasoning roasted potatoes or corn-on-the-cob, too. Thanks for posting, BK! Made for CQ2 Texas BBQ for Team Cherry Bombers

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