The Best Chicken Ever

The Best Chicken Ever

Today’s article is an old article that I moved from my old blog because I always needed it. And you probably also need the recipe for the best chicken of all time as well. (Shoot, I just remembered that I forgot to buy soy sauce, teriyaki sauce and cook sherry when I went shopping today).

Here is the recipe for the best chicken of all time. For your information, since I like to give back to Caesar what is Caesar’s and it is certainly the best chicken of all time, Mel emailed me the recipe and she claims to have gotten it from Rachael Ray. My version is a little different from the one Mel originally emailed me.

Here are your ingredients.

You’ll need: vegetable oil (I usually use extra virgin olive oil, but I ran out, so canola this time), cooking sherry, sugar (in that shiny can), onion powder and soy sauce (yes, my bottle of soy sauce turned out to be missing when I looked in the fridge, so I have to admit I’ve been using the little packets for the past two weeks).

In a nice glass baking dish (I love glass baking dishes), pour three tablespoons of cooking sherry.

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