The Easiest Banana Bread Ever

The Easiest Banana Bread Ever

We all love homemade the Easiest banana bread, right? It’s so, perfectly sweet, never dry and always hits the spot. Definitely one of those things that we almost forget how much we love, but then we take a bite and are reminded that it’s AMAZING. Well, we’ve just made the process of getting that homemade flavor that much easier, but with a fraction of the effort involved. You’re welcome!

Instead of gathering 10+ ingredients from your pantry, reach for these five instead: one box of yellow or butter pecan cake mix, three bananas, one stick of butter, two eggs and vanilla extract. That’s right, let’s let some store-bought cake mix do the heavy lifting, while you just spruce it up and make it totally delectable. Trust us, know one would ever guess that this wasn’t from-scratch, and frankly, we don’t feel the need to inform them anytime soon!

Mixing together these five ingredients gives you a light, moist bread that’s amazing for breakfast, lunch, or dinner (because who are we to limit this dish to just one?!) and everything in between! Feel free to add chocolate chips to this tasty treat if you want to, but it really doesn’t need ‘em…you’ll see, one bite of this and you’ll be adding this recipe to your weekly docket in no time.

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